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Santa Maria Elks Rodeo Royalty 2020 - 2021

Miss Santa Maria Elks Rodeo, Kaelanne Quinonez

We are proud to introduce Miss Santa Maria Elks Rodeo, Kaelanne Qunionez. Kaelanne is a wonderful young lady and driven entrepreneur. As Miss Santa Maria Elks Rodeo, Kaelanne will be traveling around California and across the nation to various Rodeos as an Ambassador for the Santa Maria Elks Rodeo, bringing the name of her hometown Rodeo to new heights.

If you would like to find out more about Kaelanne, you can follow her on her Facebook page at
If you would like to become a sponsor for Kaelanne's Rodeo Ambassador journey, please contact the Elks Rodeo Office at (805) 925-4125 or by email at

Miss Mini Rodeo, Kayden Sorenson

We are honored to introduce Miss Mini Rodeo, Kayden Sorenson. Kayden is a bright young lady who is ready to engage our youth about the fun of Rodeo. Miss Mini Rodeo will travel to various events as an Ambassador of the Santa Maria Elks Rodeo. She can also be found at many events in our community to inspire young ladies to achieve their dreams! We are incredibly proud of the dedication and determination Kayden has shown for her role as Miss Mini Rodeo.

Jr. Barrelman, Caleb Moon

We are excited to announce the return of our Jr. Barrelman, Caleb Moon. This is his second term as the fiery, crowd engaging Jr. Barrelman and we cannot be more thrilled for him! Caleb has grown in his public speaking and fearlessness as he has traveled and experienced many events as Jr. Barrelman. He can often be seen making friends with our Golden Circle of Champions participants, playing around with the Arena Barrelmen, and standing proudly making public speeches! Caleb has been a true gift to our Rodeo Family and we are delighted he is joining us for another awesome year as an Ambassador of the Santa Maria Elks Rodeo.

Santa Maria Elks Royalty 2020 - 2021

Are you ready to be an Ambassador?

Are you ready to try something new? We welcome you to try out for our Santa Maria Elks Rodeo Royalty!

We take pride in our Ambassadors as they travel around to various Rodeos and events, bringing dignity, grace, fun, and laughter, all while raising the name of Santa Maria Elks Rodeo to new heights. You will learn many skills and enjoy new experiences as you represent the Santa Maria Elks Rodeo Family! All Royalty applicants must fill out an application, provide a headshot photograph, and take part in a judging process. The application packets are released yearly on our website so make sure you check back for updates in 2022!

"You'll never get bored when you try something new. There's really no limit to what you can do!" ~ Dr. Seuss
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