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Santa Maria Elks Rodeo Queen

Elks Recreation is in preparations for the 77th Annual Elks Rodeo and Parade rescheduled for September 24-27th, 2020. One of the highlights of the Rodeo season is the beloved Queen’s Contest. Today marks 60 days until the traditional unveiling of our Queen and although we were unable to unveil them traditionally in April, we are excited to introduce you to them today! For the time being you will see them digitally preparing for their upcoming fundraising campaigns that will be launched at the Annual Elks Rodeo Queen Kickoff scheduled for Saturday, August 15th. The Queen Campaign will culminate in the crowning of our 77th Annual Elks Rodeo Queen on Friday, September 25th. Join us as we celebrate these young dedicated ladies as they work towards supporting their organization’s worthy causes during unprecedented times!Good luck to them all!Stay tuned tonight to learn more about each candidate here on Facebook!

The 2020 Santa Maria Elks Rodeo Queen Candidates

Top to bottom, left to right:

Sabrina Dana - NSBC United Way
Faith DeBrum - VTC Enterprises
Isabelle Gamino - Kiwanis Club of Guadalupe
Anna Kuykendall - St. Joseph High School
Alexandra "Sparkles" Lund - SAVE Five Cities Performing Arts
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