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Thank you for your support of our "You've Been Flagged" Fundraiser!
Your donation will place American flags in your yard, a friend or neighbors yard, a business you support or even the yard of a Veteran you want to honor. This "flagging" is done in true spirit of celebrating America! Elks Recreation is excited to celebrate our Country through this event on the 4th of July while raising funds to continue to provide programs and activites for the youth in our community.

Deadline to purchase flags is Monday June 21, 2021.

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Package Selection
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Red White & Blue Package
15 flags, Customer to Pick Up & Deliver
Liberty Package
25 Flags, Delivery & Placement Included
American Package
50 Flags, Delivery & Placement Included

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Please note: Flags are not allowed to be placed on public property or apartment complexes, without written permission from owner/manager and must be attached to this form. Please provide name & contact number for verification.
If yes, please upload proof of permission here

For more information or questions, please email or call 805.925.4125.
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